Good and accurate translations

Feel free to contact me if you need help from an experienced translator. I translate a wide variety of documents and text from English, Danish and Swedish to Norwegian.  I can promise you an accurate, high quality translation, that will be delivered on time!


Sales & Marketing
Terms & Conditions
Guides, training material
Handbooks, manuals, training tools etc.
Product information
Fact sheets & product information sheets
Tourism and other



Contact me if you have a text that you think would benefit from an overview with some «fresh eyes».

Your text is unique to you, but I can review it with your voice in mind, ensuring that your inidividual style is respected and accurately portrayed. Consistency, accuracy and the quality of the text, is the key to our combined success.



A flawless text communicates your message in the best possible way. The content will be clearly presented and simple to understand, whilst creating interest for the reader.
Word* Translation guarantees to proof read your content, eliminating errors and ensuring a high quality presentation of your text.

Other language services

Do you need help with your assignment, or the text for your new website?  Word Translation can help.  Ask for a non-binding price quotation.

Confidential and secure

All information is treated in the strictest confidence and with full discretion. Your text is carefully executed and quality assured before delivery, with confidentiality ensured for all data and documents.